Our Vision

“To be the leading provider of innovative high-quality customized drone solutions in the Caribbean by delivering a level of service & support that exceeds our clients’ expectations.”

Our Values

Getting it done

We own our responsibility. We support our clients in their quest to satisfy their customers need.

AMPS delivers by getting it done at the end of the day. Our primary goal is to make sure that we deliver products and services which results in successful and excited clients. We are committed to make our customers successful in their business by owning what we promise.

Commitment to growth

We teach, we learn and invest in our personal, company and society

Our focus is to contribute to growth; we make everything we do, and touch grow. The growth of our own people, our company, our clients, and the communities we are active in is very important to us.
We teach, act and live based on our core values. Growth of our own employees, our customers, and the society in general will ultimately result in a better world.

Care about people

We care about our exceptional employees; our employees take care of our external clients and our society

AMPS cares about people. We take care of our (external) clients by taking care of our co-workers (our internal clients) and our company. We are committed to contribute to a sustainable environment wherever we work and have influence by paying attention to detail, being consistent in what we do and taking ownership of people’s development and growth.
We start by taking care of, investing in, our own (personal) growth and make sure that we have enough wealth to share.

Lead by example

It is the greatest need, we need to influence, we need results

AMPS believes that good corporate citizenship requires uncompromising standards of integrity, openness, and fairness in what we do. We utilize our influence in such a way that our commitment shows in our demonstration of overall leadership. Wherever we do business we lead by example through the promotion of a safe, healthy, and productive environment for our customers and the communities we are active in. In conducting ourselves this way we maintain positive results.

" We believe in great details, and we believe in businesses that keep that in mind. "

History & Journey

“AMPS Drone Services, with its corporate office in Paramaribo, Suriname is the first drone company with the authorization of CASAS and the ministry of Telecommunications and Transportation to fly unmanned aerial vehicles in Suriname. With skilled pilots and exceptional staff we are considered as the leading drone services provider in the region.

AMPS Drone Services is a daughter company of the AMPS holding Company established in 2019 focused on drone services in the industrial and commercial sectors.

We deliver the solutions our clients need!”

Our Management